Zune HD 32GB Platinum

The compact media player from Microsoft, Zune HD (32GB - platinum) has just upped the standards set by Apple's iPod for a long time now. The Zune HD (32GB - platinum) is a force to reckon with if you compare size, price and features.

Review: Zune HD 32GB Platinum

Published 19:52 pm

Finally the Microsoft Zune HD (32GB - platinum) seems to have taken a slingshot at the Apple iPod juggernaut and come out on top. If you want a player with real music power, pass over the iPod for the Zune HD (32GB - platinum).

The new Zune HD (32GB - platinum)'s 0.3 inches of sleekness coupled with the anodized aluminum casing might just seem like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. The Zune HD (32GB - platinum) looks sturdy and stylish with a 3.3 inch screen bordered by sloping aluminum curves, the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) has just three buttons to break the extraordinary OLED touchscreen's monotony.

The Zune HD (32GB - platinum)'s full screen volume controls are fantastic but a dedicated button for volume control might have been a button we'd use more often. This was a problem with the first-generation iPod and if you have been an iPod addict until now, the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) might take longer to get used to. However, you will feel the essentially the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) is the same as the Apple iPod with a few of the controls moved around.

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This is the biggest factor that works in the favor of the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) - the ability to challenge the iPod's popular interface with something that can win its own equaled fan following to prove a worthy rival. Though music remains the Zune HD (32GB - platinum)'s focal point, there are options music, videos, pictures, radio, Marketplace (Microsoft's music download portal), and Internet. You'd also find podcasts, audio books, and applications on the main menu when you add them. The Zune HD (32GB - platinum)'s secondary Quickplay is like a history of your playlists.

The Zune HD (32GB - platinum) will display complete information about the song and artist when you select a song/artist and your Zune HD (32GB - platinum) will also choose similar songs and artists - all offline work. With WiFi, the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) gets better and will let your explore many possibilities from the same album and extended albums and also similar artists and their albums.

One of the greatest features of the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) is the excellent content management and ad-hoc playlist creation. Just like the iPod, the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) has its own software which has a far superior interface than the iPod though you will need to buy Zune Pass. Having to count all the features of the Zune HD (32GB - platinum) is a never-ending list and that definitely makes it a media player that can definitely overthrow the iPod

Bestselling Zune HD 32GB Platinum Product in 2021

Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player (Platinum)

Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player (Platinum)
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2021
  • To get started using Zune HD, download the latest software to your PC from zune.net/setup and charge your Zune
  • 32 GB capacity for up to 8,000 songs, 48 hours standard definition video, or 10 hours high definition video
  • 3.3-inch OLED screen with 480 x 272 resolution and 16:9 display
  • HD Radio gives you access to many local stations with crystal-clear digital sound at no extra cost
  • Watch supported 720p HD movies, TV shows, and videos in high definition
  • Buy, stream, and update your music, download free games, and surf the web via a Wi-Fi connection
  • NOTE: In order for headphones to work properly, insert jack into device port until it clicks into place

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