WestSoy Plain Rice Beverage

WestSoy non-dairy rice beverages are a cheaper alternative to Rice Dream.

Review: WestSoy Plain Rice Beverage

Published 02:50 am

I have to start out by saying I really like this beverage. It tastes good plain, but I use it more often in recipes than simply as a beverage. I've used in cakes, cookies, sweet breads, and puddings. All the rice milk I have ever tasted has had a slightly sweet taste, and WestSoy is no different, so I would advise that you only use this milk in sweet recipes. WestSoy is hit-and-miss in savory recipes. I have used it effectively to make my mashed potatoes creamy without any kind of unwanted sweet taste. I have also added it to savory soups that called for milk, however, and the end result did taste a bit too cloying. So if you want to try it in recipes other than desserts, be cautious. You may need to go for another brand of rice milk or unsweetened soy milk instead. The only other issue I have with this rice milk is that it can take on the appearance of water when you first pour it out. Usually shaking the container can remedy this, but not always.

I love the aseptic container that WestSoy uses for their beverages. They're not unique to WestSoy; lots of other companies that make milk substitutes use them, but they're so convenient. The aseptic container preserves the beverage without refrigeration until you open it. It means that if I want to I can stock up and buy several containers at once without worrying about having to use them up before they go bad.

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When I first began drinking rice milk about nine years ago, one of the only rice drinks on the market was Rice Dream. I think Rice Dream is definitely a good brand with good products, but then I found WestSoy's rice milk beverages, and I have more or less switched to this brand almost exclusively, because it is comparable to Rice Dream in quality but is lower in cost. In the nutrition and taste categories, the brands are comparable, as well, WestSoy having slightly fewer calories than Rice Dream. It's true that Rice Dream has more flavors to choose from, like hazelnut, carob, and chocolate, but if you are looking for a basic lower cost non-dairy beverage and milk substitute, WestSoy is a great choice.

Bestselling WestSoy Plain Rice Beverage Product in 2022

West Soy Original, 32 oz

West Soy Original, 32 oz
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2022
  • Original flavor

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