Turbo Tail Tigger

After experiencing Turbo Tail Tigger firsthand, my fifteen-year-old daughter has added this toy to her Christmas list. She loves Tigger and thinks it's a great gift for Tigger fans of any age.

Review: Turbo Tail Tigger

Published 23:29 pm

I bought Turbo Tail Tigger for my granddaughter's first birthday. She is crazy about toys that move and sing, so I knew this would be a big hit. I was concerned about how well it would work, as the tail is coiled-up beneath it. I wondered if it would fall sideways or stay upright when it bounced. I was pleased to see that the toy worked perfectly.

Turbo Tail Tigger is made by Fisher Price and is recommended for children ages eighteen months to five years. Tigger operates by pressing his hand which triggers his movement. He bounces up and down and all around as he sings the usual Tigger songs. His coiled-up tail stabilizes his movements.

My granddaughter loved Turbo Tail Tigger. She giggled and bounced up and down with Tigger. Tigger encourages the child to bounce along, and she obliged. She was not able to press the button on Tigger's hand herself, so she would loudly indicate to us that it was time to push Tigger's hand again.

As Turbo Tail Tigger bounces, he says exactly what you would expect Tigger to say. "Tiggers are a wonderful thing…" "Bounce. Bounce. Bounce." "Come on, bounce with me." "You're a terr-rific bouncer."

We found that when we pushed Tigger's body downward and tightened the coil of his tail, he would bounce higher and move farther around on the floor. If we pulled gently on Tigger's tail, to loosen the coil, his bounce was smaller and he moved very little across the floor.

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My granddaughter and my husband enjoyed Turbo Tail Tigger when his tail was compressed and he was bouncing all over the floor. I preferred keeping Tigger's tail loosened so that he stayed in one place. We did not experience any difficulties with our readjustments to the tail.

This is a fun toy that children will love receiving this Christmas. It withstood the rough play of a one-year-old baby without any difficulty. She knocked it down, pulled its ears and used its tail to drag it across the room. An older toddler will be able to press Tigger's hand by itself and if you adjust Tigger's tail so that he bounces around the room, the toddler will enjoy following Tigger as he moves across the floor.

I highly recommend this toy and have plans to purchase Turbo Tail Tigger for other children on my list. My fifteen-year-old daughter has added it to her Christmas list. She loves Tigger and thinks it's a great gift for Tigger fans of any age.

Fisher Price has another animated Tigger toy out this season. Tumble Time Tigger does cartwheels and handstands. I have not experienced this toy firsthand.

Bestselling Turbo Tail Tigger Product in 2022

Fisher-Price Winnie The Pooh: Turbo Tail Tigger

Fisher-Price Winnie The Pooh: Turbo Tail Tigger
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2022
  • Singing and dancing fun!
  • Squeeze Tigger's hand to make him bounce and sing
  • Soft design for safe and fun play
  • Plays 1 fun song, bouncing sound effects, and fun phrases
  • Recommended for ages 18 months and up

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