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Review: Testing The Wikireader

Published 06:32 am

Smartphone owners (I am one of them) laugh at the boldness of a wireless portable that not only doesn't have a color screen (that is right, a black-and-white screen!), and on top of that displays Wikipedia articles only.

"What am I going to do with this reader?" I cried out, My iPhone is ready to download the infinite Wikipedia apps that exist to cast shame upon the WikiReader and kick it back to the prehistorical cave from where it came from!

However, everyone else might like the WikiReader and might find it to be very useful for different situations and purposes.

To begin with, only 2 AAA batteries is promised to make the WikiReader last one year. The touchscreen is black and white, low-powered and readable even in sunlight. It figures its good for hanging around the mountains playing with the device button that brings random articles and keeping yourself entertained throughout the day. like i mentioned, owning a smartphone, i can relate to the fear of taking any phone (or my smartphone) anywhere near water, it gives me the chills. Luckily the WikiReader is tightly closed and you wouldn't mourn if you dropped it in the water by accident.

Would be useful to also have the WikiReader while traveling and adventuring around, especially if you go to anther country, as you know the phone companies can hammer charges for data on your bill. People who takes vacations throughout the year or travel a lot knows how useful the WikiReader could be in this situation.

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Also i would say the WikiReader seems to aim much at the children, since the WikiReader would be a perfect study companion and it seems its easy to lock up adult-oriented content.

The WikiReader also has its low side. Its not possible to bookmark or make a favorites folder. Ok, even though the WikiReader has a history button, it would be usefull to have a bookmarks button also. Also, although the WikiReader's low-powered screen is made for lasting forever, it doesn't displays images, and that is something many people might miss it.

To my surprise i didn't really miss it that much, even though some articles would be nicer if they had pictures in them.

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WikiReader Update 2018 (No Device) Gutenberg Edition Wiki Reader Upgrade

WikiReader Update 2018 (No Device) Gutenberg Edition Wiki Reader Upgrade
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Handheld Electronic Encyclopedia -WikiReader

Handheld Electronic Encyclopedia -WikiReader
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