Slim Quick Cleanse

Using Slim Quick Cleanse helps you to remove all the stuff that is in your intestines and colon before dieting is a great idea.

Review: Slim Quick Cleanse

Published 21:29 pm

Slim Quick has a full line of diet products designed for women.

Slim Quick targets the reasons most women are overweight, including premenopausal ladies. Stress and menopause have a lot to do with being overweight, as does our life styles and our surroundings.

After looking at all the different cleansing programs you can get on the internet or in the stores, I decided to give this product a try. My reasons for choosing this product were centered around the fact that it is designed for women, that they also have diet aids to use after wards, and of course, the cost.

Some of the other detox and cleansing products have very strict rules and diets to follow, and some even require that you only drink clear liquids and eat soft foods. Slim Quick also has a diet and exercise routine to use along with the cleansing, but was very easy to follow and sensible. As with most detox diets, this one also incorporated a lot of vegetables into the diet to assist with the peristalsis.

Peristalsis is the movement made by the body to move the food and wastes thought eh intestines and the colon. Many people do not realize that without the right balance of the right foods, you are indeed causing yourself to become constipated and irregular. This also can cause impaction, a condition that requires a doctor visit or in serious cases surgery to remove the waste.

Even with proper diet, particles build up in the lower intestines and the colon, and can cause people to be tired, not feeling well, bloated and in general not feeling well.

This product is to be taken twice a day. A recommended dose is 4 capsules before lunch (1 hr to 30 minutes prior), and again before bedtime. It is required that you drink a large glass of water with each dose, as there is a choking risk associated with not drinking adequate amounts of liquid with each dose. Also recommended is ten 8 oz glasses of water each day.

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I would recommend that you start this regiment on a Friday, before the weekend, and not to make too many plans to give yourself time to adjust to the product.

The first day of taking Slim Quick Cleanse, I did not notice anything unusual. However, the morning of my second day, I noticed that my stomach was feeling grumpy and rumbling a lot. By ten that morning, I was in the bathroom, only one of my many trips. I took my first dose of that day just before lunch, and made repeated trips to the bathroom. I had tried other detox and cleaning products only to quit because the cramping was severe and very uncomfortable. With Slim Quick Cleanse, there was minimal cramping.

On the third day, I started to notice a pattern. My first trip of the day was usually about ten in the morning, and again a little after lunch, and again after dinner. I also noticed on the third day that I was a little less bloated around the waist.

I also noticed something that frightened me. There were little yellow, red and green chunks of stuff in my stool. I was a little worried at first by it, but decided that I would watch closely. Then while I was going down the grocery aisle at the store, I saw a box of Ju Ju Bees. I love those things and can sit down and eat the entire box.

That is when I realized what I had seen earlier was actually undigested Ju Ju Bees, that were either still in my stomach, over three weeks later, or in my intestines or colon. Either case, they never digested and I wondered what other foods I ate would be the same way. I since then have not eaten those, or star burst or jelly beans.

After doing some research, I found many articles that state that many foods do not entirely digest and do remain in you stomach or intestines or become lodged in you colon.

After the week was over, I felt so much better. I was less bloated, I was able to go to the bathroom regularly, and had lost four pounds! After using the Slim Quick Cleanse, it is recommended to take the Slim Quick Capsules or the Slim Quick drink mix and continue dieting and exercise.

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to find an inexpensive way to cleanse your system, and follow up with the Slim Quick diet after wards.

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