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Simon says spin really fast!

Review: Simon Says Sit-N-Spin

Published 14:48 pm

Playskool 'Simon Says Sit-N-Spin' - When I was younger they didn't have these neat sit-n-spins. They definitely didn't make noise or music! You just sat on them and turned yourself dizzy!

We got this toy for my daughter last Christmas. She was only 16 months, so not quite 2 years, but she's smarter than her age in most ways, so I didn't see any harm in her using it. There are no hazardous parts that she can choke on, etc.

It has 3 settings; Music, Simon Says and Off. The base is more oval shaped and has a button that they hit when sitting on it to make it play music or for Simon to tell them what to do. While my daughter sometimes has it on the Simon Says setting, I know she doesn't know what it means.

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As I said just now, the base is oval shaped, so this in part to me, makes it more difficult for the child. If you don't sit on just right spot, it is a lot harder to spin it and stay on at the same time. After repeatedly showing my girl where to sit to make it easier, she figured it out.

It actually has a spot to show you were to sit. But when you are young like my daughter was, she didn't know that. Just takes time for them to catch on.

Only thing that really bothered me was how loud it was. I'm used to many of her loud toys by now, but this one in particular was just a bit too loud sometimes.

While her chunky belly may get in the way of the spinning, she caught on really fast and loves it to this day. The speaker is on the top so they can hear it better and even has the face on the handle you spin.

While this is a fun way to entertain a child, I do not find it very educational. Granted it plays Simon Says, but the child is only spinning! Taking direction and whatnot is one thing, but this doesn't really teach much.

So I don't suggest buying it for educational reasons, but for some fun and spinning action, I completely recommend it. I hope your child has just as much fun as mine does on it!

Bestselling Simon Says Sit-N-Spin Products in 2020

Hasbro Simon Says Sit'n Spin Interactive Game

Hasbro Simon Says Sit'n Spin Interactive Game
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2020
  • Classic spinning toy
  • Simon Says mode directs children to spin according to prompts
  • Music mode allows kids to freely spin while listening to electronic music
  • Adult assembly required
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)

5Star-TD Simon Says Sit'n Spin Interactive Game

5Star-TD Simon Says Sit'n Spin Interactive Game
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2020
  • Simon Says Sit'n Spin Interactive Game

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