Review of Suavitel Fabric Softner

A product review of Suavitel fabric softner.

Review: Review of Suavitel Fabric Softner

Published 05:09 am

The last couple of months I have been reviewing a different brand of fabric softner called Suavitel.

Suavitel is marketed by the Colgate-Palmolive Company. The scents are Field Flowers in a blue bottle, and Morning Sun in a yellow bottle. The bottle boast that Suavitel softens your clothes with a fresh scent your family will love. I have to say that my children and husband could care less about how fresh smelling the laundry is but it is important to me.

The bottles are small and light weight making them easy to pick up and pour. This would be great for a person with arthritic hands. The cap is small and compact. I have always had the theory more is better and with the new trend of getting a more concentrated product or detergent in a smaller bottle I am going to have to make some changes. I have noticed that all the department, grocery, and pharmacy chains have made the change over to concentrated detergents.

A small load of laundry only requires 1/2 cap of softner. Medium loads require softner to the fill line, and fill the cap to the top for large loads. The bottle does warn not to pour directly onto clothing as spotting may occur. Just wait to add fabric softner until the machine fills with water during the rinse cycle. If you do experience spotting then the spot can be rubbed with a mild bar of soap then rinsed.


One of the first things I noticed about this softner is the smell. Both scents are very fresh and fragrant. The scent is still strong, and fresh after the rinse and spin cycles are complete. Clothing comes out of the dryer very soft and fluffy. My jeans came out soft as well and that is important to me and my family. My children will not wear stiff denim. I especially like the way my towels feel and smell. I did not experience any spotting or bleaching spots. The only laundry product that has ever caused any bleaching for me has been surf detergent. Fabric softner works well in cold, or hot waters.

The inside of my washing machine was clean and free of any residue.

I wanted to see how the products compared to line dried clothes so I washed and dried towels and sheets using Suavitel. The towels were a little stiff but the fragrance was there. Unfortunately I have not found a fabric softner yet that totally softens line dried clothing.

I believe that my clothing has more fresh scent with the Suavitel.

I will continue to make Suavitel part of my household cleaning favorites right along side Downey.

Bestselling Review of Suavitel Fabric Softner Product in 2021

Suavitel Liquid Fabric Softener - Morning Sun - 33.8 oz - 3 pk

Suavitel Liquid Fabric Softener - Morning Sun - 33.8 oz - 3 pk
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2021
  • Suavitel Liquid Fabric Softener - Morning Sun - 33.8 oz - 3 pk

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