Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter

Before you go buy more regular rock salt to melt the ice on your sidewalks this winter, check out a product called Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter which works faster and better.

Review: Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter

Published 09:18 am

Like much of the country, the Baltimore area recently experienced a severe winter storm that dumped more than 20" of snow on the region in less than 24 hours.

The combination of lots of snow and freezing cold temperatures made for a lot of ice on the sidewalks and pathways leading up to my home. Some shoveling got rid of the snow, but I knew I needed to get rid of the ice to really make things safe. I was going to head out to the store to buy some rock salt to lay down over the ice, but before I did I checked our basement and our landlord had left a jug of the Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter product. I figured I would give this a try before buying something new.

Qik Joe Ice Melt is made of calcium chloride pellets, which work like salt to lower the freezing temperature of water, making ice melt much faster. The instructions on the Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter seemed simple enough--I just needed to sprinkle about a half-cup of the tiny white pellets over each square yard of concrete. The Qik Joe Ice Melt tub had a special flip-top lid with a built-in grate to make this process extremely easy. I covered my sidewalk with the Qik Joe Ice Melt product, and I figured it would be a couple of hours before it really began to melt the ice.

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To my surprise, within a matter of mere minutes, I could see the tiny Qik Joe pellets start to "eat through" the ice and break it up. I couldn't believe how quickly it was working. Within about 30 minutes of applying the Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter to my pathway, the sidewalk was completely clear and a layer of ice about an inch thick had disappeared.

The Qik Joe product also seemed to dissolve completely as it worked, so there wasn't a whole lot left over to get on our shoes and track into the house.

And a little bit of this ice melting product went a long way--I could see a tub of Qik Joe Ice Melt lasting a whole winter season for most people. In the end, I was extremely happy with the Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter, and I would definitely choose this product over regular rock salt in the future.

Bestselling Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter Product in 2022

Milazzo Industries 30150 Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter, 50-Pound

Milazzo Industries 30150 Qik Joe Instant Ice Melter, 50-Pound
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2022
  • Professional strength heat generation
  • Does not harm concrete when used as directed
  • Contains calcium chloride
  • Leaves no white residue
  • Melts ice and snow down to temperatures of 25-degree Fahrenheit

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