Pioneer DJM800 DJ Mixer

Product review of the Pioneer DJM-800 DJ mixer

Review: Pioneer DJM800 DJ Mixer

Published 12:04 pm

The Pioneer DJM-800 DJ mixer is widely considered to be the best 4 channel DJ mixer on the market today (some may argue that the Allen and Heath Xone 92 is better). Similar in form and function to its lower model, the Pioneer DJM-600, the DJM-800 packs a punch and provides the user with many features that make the upgrade worthwhile. The DJM-800 is more proof of Pioneer's continued effort to create the best DJ equipment on the market.

This 4 channel mixer produces high quality sound in an easy to use interface. Each channel has knob controls for 3 different levels (High, Mid and Low), as well a trim control to adjust individual channel volume. Equipment can be hooked up to a channel through the cd/digital or phono line (thus allowing up to 8 pieces of equipment to be connected at once.

Each channel can be assign to the A or B side of the crossfader or chosen to be thru. The curve of the cross fader and channel fader can be changed by the subsequent switches, allowing you to create a unique feel for crossing tracks. The headphone level between master and cue can be controlled, as well as the headphone volume with the turn of a knob.

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The Pioneer DJM-800 is loaded with audio effects that allow the user to truly make their set unique. An array of beat effects are available, which include, flanger, phaser, filter, reverb, echo, trans, pan, delay, robot and roll. Subsequent knobs below the beat effects control the time the effect is transposed as well as the volume level of the effect.

The most unique feature of the DJM-800 is the audio color effects section. These options apply a specific distortion to the output sound which can add a unique twist to a track. The color effects include, crush, sweep, harmonic and filter. The level of the effect that is applied to a specific channel can be control with color knob, located above the volume fader for each level. Experimenting with these color effects on your tracks is a lot of fun and is sure to please the ears of listeners.

The Pioneer DJM-800 is a pricey object, but once you get your hands on it, you'll realize it was all worthwhile. Its superior quality and build will make it last as long as you want and its unique array of effects allow you to create music beyond conventional thinking. The Pioneer DJM 800 is the perfect mixer to bring your skills and sounds to the next level.

Bestselling Pioneer DJM800 DJ Mixer Products in 2022

Pioneer DJM-800 Pro Dj Mixer

Pioneer DJM-800 Pro Dj Mixer
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2022
  • With its unparalleled sound quality the DJM-800 has rapidly become the Club standard.
  • In addition to the vast 24bit effect section a new Sound Color FX section allows you to interject 4 unique manipulations on top of the effects.
  • Hi Pass, Sweep Filters and Crush round out the Color Sound FX.
  • DJM-800 is also a MIDI controller with 61 assignable triggers.
  • Harmonic Mixing automatically detects if music is on Key, allows you to change this to compliment the transition.

Pioneer DJ Mixer, Black, 9.70 x 17.40 x 20.60 (DJM-900NXS)

Pioneer DJ Mixer, Black, 9.70 x 17.40 x 20.60 (DJM-900NXS)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2022
  • Multitude of effects including 3 new sound Color Effects and 2 new Beat Effects
  • Quickly access and manipulate the parameters of each beat effect with the new X-Pad control
  • Supreme Sound Quality: Built-in 24bit/96kHz high performance soundcard
  • Versatile connection: Pro DJ Link to connect up to 4 CDJ-2000/900s or rekordbox software
  • Top panel USB connector for DVS software

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