NiteIze IQ Switch

If you love the Mini MagLite but you have always wanted an end cap on/off switch, you are in luck. It is finally here!

Review: NiteIze IQ Switch

Published 18:02 pm

Finally, a company called NiteIze has come out with an after market end cap switch for the Mini MagLite, named brand, flashlight.

MagLite makes excellent flashlights and their AA (battery size) Mini MagLite has been particularly useful to me over the years. I have used it from the Arctic Circle, during my time as an Arctic Paratrooper, to my time as an EMT in central Virginia and the Mini MagLite has always performed extremely well being absolutely reliable and providing bright light on demand.

In fact, there were only two problems I ever had with the flashlight. The first problem is that it is a white light. At night, "in the field," white light will actually blind you more than it will help you. Allow me to explain. Yes, while light will illuminate what you point it at but that is all it will illuminate. It will also blind human eyes.

Human eyes adjust to near darkness and develop "night vision" by dilating the pupils and slowly matching to the ambient light level. If someone snaps on a white light source the pupils immediately constrict and the night vision is lost. A person may see anything illuminated within the pool of white light but nothing outside of it. When the light is turned off you are effectively blinded and must wait for your eyes to readjust.

A red light source does not cause this constriction of the pupils and, therefore, does not sacrifice a persons night vision. MagLite addressed this issue by offering an after market kit which included a red lens for their Mini Maglite. Problem solved.

The second issue I have had with Mini Maglites is what finally caused me to start using other, less reliable lights. Mini MagLights are turned on and off by twisting the head of the light. This is also how the beam is adjusted, from spotlight to floodlight. Of necessity, this is a two handed operation. Whether I am using the light tactically, in combination with a firearm, or on the side of a road while trying to hold an accident victims brain in place, I NEED one handed operation in my light.

For years MagLite has refused to even consider putting an end cap switch on their lights. This is why I had to go looking for another flashlight which had an end cap "click" switch.

Recently I ran across a website advertising NiteIze aftermarket products for the Mini MagLites. They make several items but the one which caught my eye was their "IQ Switch."

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The IQ Switch simply replaces the existing OEM end cap on the Mini MagLite. Unscrew the factory end cap and screw the new IQ Switch on in its place. Then turn on the Mini MagLitein the usual manner, by twisting the head to the desired focus. Cut it off by clicking the button on the end cap. To cut the light back on, click the button again. You only need twist the head if you wish to readjust the focus. From now on the Mini MagLite is a one hand operation.

The IQ Switch does have a few more features. When you first click it on you may click on through some options. If you click twice you get a half power light, three times drops it to ¼ power, four times will set the light to slow blink and five times sets it to rapid blink. The rubberized clicker button, in the end cap, also blinks with a low powered red LED to help you find your light when it is switched off.

If you are a person who uses a lanyard with your Mini MagLite, the IQ Switch does have a lanyard attachment hole. It is very small and while the MagLite ring lanyard might attach alright any other after market lanyards would be hard put to fit.

I have yet to decide how much I like or dislike the extra features though I can see some potential uses for them. I can also see them being very annoying. That being said, I have greatly enjoyed finally being able to use a Mini MagLite with an end cap switch.

Unfortunately, I am getting older now and I no longer jump out of airplanes in the Arctic or spend several nights a week scraping people off the side of the road (hmmmm, maybe I should say "fortunately I no longer" do those things) so my light no longer sees quite such hard use. Simple hiking and day to day use are about it. Still it is nice to finally have this feature which I have always wanted on my favorite flashlight.

Thank you NiteIze.

Bestselling NiteIze IQ Switch Products in 2022

Nite Ize Combo Upgrade Kit

Nite Ize Combo Upgrade Kit
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2022
  • Dimensions: 5.7W x 3.1D x 0.98H in.
  • LED bulb upgrade for incandescent AA Mini Maglite
  • Tail cap upgrade with push on and off switch
  • Easy instillation
  • Output: 30 lumens

Nite Ize LRB-07 3-LED Bulb Upgrade/Replacement for AA Mini Flashlight

Nite Ize LRB-07 3-LED Bulb Upgrade/Replacement for AA Mini Flashlight
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2022
  • The two-pin, three bulb LED module replaces the incandescent bulb
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and efficient LED technology

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