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Review: Electro Harmonix BassBalls Pedal

Published 09:44 am

After only being partially acquainted with all that Electro Harmonix has to offer, I quickly realized if I were going to make it a goal to try out every pedal they make, I was going to run into some of the strangest, most unique pedals that have ever been produced. If you are like me, you have not heard of half of their devices and can't begin to imagine what they sound like. For me, this was the category in which the Electro Harmonix Bassballs Twin Dynamic Envelope Filter pedal was hiding . Initially, I never knew anything about this effect. I had no idea what to expect as to what this pedal actually accomplishes judging by the title alone.

Basically, this twin envelope filter is going to sound like a giant sweep over your guitar. Picture a flange, phaser, and chorus all accumulated into one convenient box. I think this sounds a little like all three of those effects. Although generally, I view this as a demerit, I think it is actually perfect for this pedal to just have two settings than can offer adjustments in it's operation. The pedal has a bi switch that chooses between a distortion and non-distortion settings. The other adjuster is just a knob.

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This knob controls the Response of effect. Response basically control the level of sweep (in terms of frequency) that you will get. For gaping, wide, and dramatic sweeps, be amazed when you crank the Response to ten. For a dead pan, lo fi, crying kind of sweep, set Response really low. No distortion really allows the sweep to be minimal and discreet. If you switch distortion on, the effect will become heavily relevant to your tone. Like so many Electro Harmonix effects, the dynamic of the effect can change depending on the way your guitar, amp, and playing style is. You will get further enunciation from this pedal by having your mids and highs notched a little higher, your tone knob upwards of 8 or so, and strumming firmly with a pic.

This is a wild sounding effect that is tiny in size and huge in effectiveness. Grab one of these for bass or guitar. They are directed for bass, but sound incredible on both.

Bestselling Electro Harmonix BassBalls Pedal Product in 2020

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Twin Dynamic Envelope Filter Pedal

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Twin Dynamic Envelope Filter Pedal
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2020
  • Bass Envelope Follower Pedal with Filter Sweep
  • Fuzz for Bass Guitar

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