Dark Chocolate Chex Mix Select

A sweet and salty snack mix which is not only pleasing to the taste buds but to the eye as well. One of sixteen Chex Mix varieties available. This Dark Chocolate version is nice enough to bring to a party and indulgent enough to eat alone.

Review: Dark Chocolate Chex Mix Select

Published 11:19 am

I have to admit up front, I am a chocoholic. Calories from sweets aren't worth it to me unless they consist of chocolate; so don't ask me to sample it unless it is chocolate. Of course when I spotted this new dark chocolate chex mix in my grocers snack isle, I had to try it. I liked it, and I have since bought more to share.

This new Dark Chocolate Chex Mix Select consists of five elements. They are, a pretzel covered in dark chocolate, a chocolate cookie, a candy coated chocolate piece - think M M;, and Chex cereal coated in chocolate or maybe it is a cocoa like powder and another Chex cereal coated in a white coating we decided might be similar to white chocolate; which was sweet.

This snack has a nice melding of sweet chocolate pieces mixed with salty pretzel bites and an overall crunch factor. The separate elements combine in your mouth making it a snack that isn't completely sweet nor is it completely salty. But very satisfying and difficult to stop eating.

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The packages nutritional facts state that there are six servings in a bag, but I can attest to it being difficult to stop at a few handfuls. Or possibly like others I shared with, they picked out what they liked best and ate them individually instead of as a mix. Either way, it's hard to stop. A single serving has 140 calories but the surprising fact I found was printed right on the front of the bag and said this Chex Mix snack had sixty percent less fat than regular potato chips. Another vice I must admit.

I brought this mix to a super bowl party. It was pretty in the bowl with its specs of red from the candy coated chocolate pieces and the white-coated Chex cereal pieces peeking through the dark luscious chocolate colors. I noted that mostly women had a sweet tooth and gravitated towards the bowl. Some took a handful while others picked at each piece separately to test the flavor of each component before eating any further. The children ate the mix as well, mostly picking out the pieces they savored the most.

Chex Mix now comes in a variety of flavors. According to the Chex website you can by the snack mix in Traditional, Cheddar, Bold Party Mix, Hot and Spicy, Peanut Lovers, Turtle, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Crunch, Honey Nut, Trail Mix, Apple Cinnamon, Tropical, and in 100 Calorie snack packs: Cheddar, Chocolate Caramel and Strawberry Yogurt.

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Chex Mix Select Dark Chocolate, 7 oz, 2 pk
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