Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper

Dr. Pepper has unveiled its newest flavor, but get it quick; it's a "limited edition" variety.

Review: Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper

Published 21:47 pm

Once upon a time, the Dr. Pepper line had only the "Original" Dr. Pepper. Then Diet Dr. Pepper was introduced, which to the surprise of millions of diet soft drinkers, tasted just like regular Dr. Pepper! Then, in recent years, new flavors, such as Cherry Vanilla and Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper emerged. In November 2019, Cadbury Schweppes unveiled its newest Dr. Pepper creation, Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper.

Albeit this newest flavor has been out for a few months, I had been unsuccessful at finding it until this past week at our local Wal-Mart. I purchased a 12-pack of cans, marked as a "limited edition". I am not sure if Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper is available in 2-liters or 20 oz bottles. What I do know is that it is only available in the non-sugar/diet variety; there is no regular/sugar version.


As expected, Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper is calorie-free and sugar-free. Its artificial sweetener is aspartame. It is fat-free and the only ingredient of slight significance is sodium. One can contains 60 mg of sodium (which is similar to other diet drinks), a measly 3% of the recommended daily allowance.

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And now what everyone has been waiting for... What does this new Dr. Pepper taste like? Well according to my fiance, who taste-tested before I did, this product is awful. After he said that, I was a bit apprehensive to try the pop. Well, rest assured, in my opinion, this pop is quite tasty!! I have tried chocolate soda before and disliked it a great deal. However, this wasn't bad at all. It tastes and smells EXACTLY like a cherry Tootsie Roll Pop.

However, with that being said, it is a bit too rich for frequent consumption. I have heard of 'dessert coffees', and if 'dessert soda' was a real thing, then this drink would fit that description. When drinking my Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper, I found myself taking small, slow sips. It was akin to drinking a flavored coffee or wine. Which makes me a fan of this product for dietary purposes. Since I am on my 75th weight loss attempt, this beverage is a great choice for me when I am in the mood for something sweet. I can even see myself freezing this and making homemade slushies. It would probably taste good with ice cream as well, in a "root beer float" way.


I really do like this Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper, better than Berries and Cream and Cherry Vanilla. However, I am not sure I could drink this frequently. I will opt to have a can a day or so, as a treat. I plan on drinking water with my meals and this calorie-free beverage as my dessert!

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