Beauty Stila Convertible Eye Color

An overview of Stila's convertible eye color in several shades.

Review: Beauty Stila Convertible Eye Color

Published 19:14 pm

Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup tools that you can own and use. It can create a subtle highlighting of the eyes and also pull and entire look together in one swipe of the pencil. However, some pencils and eyeliners are better than others. Here is a review of one of my favorie eyeliners: Stila's convertible eye color.

The Pros:

What I love the most about this eyeliner is that its 3-in-1. It comes with a mechanical eye color pencil, which twists up and down in one easy motion. Not to mention it comes with a smudge brush, to get that gorgeous smoky look, but it also comes with a matching eye shadow. How fabulous is that? The eyeliner and smudge brush tip are located at each end with the eye shadow's own brush and powder located in the middle. Since I'm only reviewing the eyeliner, and the other two features are just wonderful bells and whistles, it's safe to say this is eyeliner is nearly perfect. It goes on incredibly smoothly and evenly and doesn't leave any clumps either.

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The Cons:

There are some downsides to this product. For one, it's not water-proof. If you wear contacts or tend to have very teary eyes, this product isn't for you. Secondly, some of the colors don't show up very well if you have darker skin. Stila offers this eyeliner in a variety of different colors. My favorite colors are teak (brown), forest (dark green), and onyx (classic black). I have fairly olive-toned skin, so some of the brighter colors, like ivy and berry don't show up on my skin very well and it looks like I'm not wearing any eye liner at all.

The Conclusion:

Overall, I would rate this product a 4/5. It's a wonderfully smooth eyeliner that doesn't clump. But since I'm a contact-wearer, it tends to wear off kind of easily, so I'm reapplying a few times a day to keep the eyeliner on.

Tip for stila convertible eye color: Before applying the eyeliner, take a cotton swab, twist the cotton end it between your fingers to bring the cotton to a dull point, pull your bottom lid away from your eye gently and swipe the cotton swab along the lid. This will pull off any excess liquids or oils from your skin before applying your eyeliner. You can also do this below/above your lash lines in case that's where you prefer to apply your liner.

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