Banquet Meat Loaf Meal A Frozen Food

A product review of Banquet Meat Loaf Meal.

Review: Banquet Meat Loaf Meal A Frozen Food

Published 02:15 am

Banquet frozen dinners have a wide variety of choices, selections and many different kinds of meals to choose from. I saw Banquet Meat Loaf Meal in my local grocery store's frozen dinner section and decided to purchase this item. The price was right and the meal looked like it would be tasty. Here is what I discovered!

Banquet Meat Loaf Meal is a true bargain, costing only one dollar for a complete frozen meal. That is a good point about this item and if you are on a tight budget, this dinner is worth trying out. I like the packaging of this dinner and found it very easy to prepare. The picture of the dinner on the front of the package looked very good! Banquet Meat Loaf Meal consists of gravy, a serving of meat loaf, mashed potatoes and corn.

To prepare Banquet Meat Loaf Meal by microwave, I only had to cook it for about five to six minutes! That was quick and easy. You can prepare this meal in an conventional oven but, it takes twenty-five minutes. I was very pleased with the microwave preparation time and results! I discovered that Banquet Meat Loaf Meal was well worth one dollar! This meal is tasty. The meat loaf and gravy is very good, plentiful and filling.

Though the mashed potatoes and corn portions are a bit small, they tasted great and everything cooked evenly. The meat loaf had good texture, flavor and was seasoned right. I added some bread to this meal, along with a salad and was very pleased with this frozen dinner! I liked the large amount of gravy that this meal provided. That was impressive!

Banquet Meat Loaf Meal has three hundred calories and one hundred and thirty of those calories are from fat. Total fat is fourteen grams, saturated fat is six grams and there are zero grams of trans fat in this product.

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Banquet Meat Loaf Meal has thirty mgs of cholesterol, eight hundred and ninety mgs of sodium, twenty-seven grams of total carbs, four grams of dietary fiber, less than one gram of sugar and fourteen grams of protein. This meal provided me with eight percent of my daily iron requirement, four percent of my recommended calcium need and two percent of my daily vitamin C requirement.

Some of the ingredients in Banquet Meat Loaf Meal are gravy, meat loaf, pork, beef, water, potatoes, corn, bread crumbs, bleached wheat flour, enriched with niacin, iron, thiamine, folic acid, onion, catsup, tomato paste, corn syrup, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, soy protein concentrate, whole dry eggs with citric acid, dry whole milk, caramel color, spices, seasoned cooked beef, garlic juice, soybean oil and sugar. This product does contain wheat, milk, soy and eggs, for those watching out for those ingredients.

I rate Banquet Meat Loaf Meal four stars out of five stars. This meal does provide a quality dinner for those on a very tight budget. I think that this dinner was tasty, filling and worth my money that I spent. I was pleased and will be buying this item again.

Bestselling Banquet Meat Loaf Meal A Frozen Food Product in 2023

Banquet Banquet Classic Meatloaf Frozen Single Serve Meal, 11.88 Ounce, 11.88 Ounce (frozen)

Banquet Banquet Classic Meatloaf Frozen Single Serve Meal, 11.88 Ounce, 11.88 Ounce (frozen)
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
  • This pack contains one 11.88 Ounce box of Banquet Classic Meatloaf
  • Even when you don't have time to cook, Banquet meals ensure you can still have a hot and satisfying meal for lunch or dinner anytime, right out of the microwave
  • Dig into a hearty portion of meatloaf topped with savory gravy, served up with creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and a delectable cinnamon apple dessert
  • Made with wholesome ingredients, Banquet's wide selection of homestyle meals will please everyone in your family
  • Sit down to a tasty meal tonight, with 330 calories, 13g protein, and 0g trans fat; contains egg, milk, soy, and wheat

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